Kulanu Chai Campaign

Kulanu's Chai Campaign

                   Celebrate KULANU’s 18 years of providing services to those with special needs by supporting our Chai “Tree of Life” Campaign.                 

                  KULANU commissioned the creation of a “Tree of Life” wall. This magnificent dedication wall will become a focal point of our multi-purpose room, the heart of the school building, which is rented for simachot every weekend by members of our community. 

                  KULANU supporters will be afforded the opportunity to commemorate the birth of a child, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a graduation, an anniversary, or any other occasion honoring a loved one, with a personalized dedication. The tree will consist of trunks, leaves, acorns, as well as, rocks, each representing a level of support. Participation at all levels is welcome and necessary to ensure the success of this campaign.

                 Our goal is to raise 1 MILLION DOLLARS to support the programs and services KULANU families depend upon. From pre-school through adulthood, KULANU is there year-round. Will you help ensure our Educational, Vocational, After-school, Weekend, Vacation Respite, Day Hab and Employment programs survive to support those most in need? 

       You can make a difference by choosing a category today, making your pledge and celebrating- “To LIFE”

Dedication Levels


$72,000 Entire tree


$54,000 Middle Tree Trunk


$36,000 Side Tree Trunk


$18,000 Large Rock


$10,000 Small Rocks


$7,200 Acorn

Large Leaves

  • Platinum $5,400
  • Gold $3,600
  • Silver $1,800

Small Leaves

  • Bronze $1,080
  • Supporter $540
  • Friend $360

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