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Torah L’Kulanu provides a unique Judaic Studies program to middle and high school students as well as adults with developmental disabilities. Our program is designed to provide an individualized learning program, taught in a meaningful way - on an array of Judaic subjects.

Torah L’Kulanu offers small size classes where students work under the guidance of Rebbeim and Morot on goals in Hebrew reading, studying laws from the Mishna משנה, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch ערוך שלחן קצור, Gemara גמרא, Chumash חומש, Navi נביא or specific subjects outlined in their educational plan. Community inclusion activities and life skills are an integral part of Torah L’Kulanu.

The common goal of our program is for students to be an active participant in their own community, whether it is becoming an active member of a synagogue or studying in a yeshiva. To gain an understanding of the practices and tradition of Judaism cannot be underscored enough at Torah L’Kulanu.

Our program offers an enriched curriculum taught by certified special educators, general education teachers and Rebbeim. Our faculty embraces the philosophy of demonstrating the values, morals and ethical behavior mandated by the Torah, both in and out of the classroom.

Torah L’Kulanu offers numerous opportunities for our students to participate with other mainstream schools during holiday programs and reverse inclusion minyanim. Our students are encouraged to achieve their personal best as they prepare to meet the demands of the future.



Torah L’Kulanu offers the community the opportunity to engage in חבורה learning of higher level text.

Reading and comprehension levels are enhanced by engaging techniques for students when they study from texts as Mishna משנה, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch ערוך שלחן קצור, Gemara גמרא, and Chumash חומש. These classes also include laws which are relevant to modern society. During these sessions, students explore the text both on a concrete and abstract level.

For example, when learning the fourth chapter of Brachot, ברכות students will read both the text and Rashi רש׳י, translate it, explain and extrapolate ideas from the text. Students are provided with visual diagrams for better understanding.

The classes incorporate differentiated instruction where the text is “brought to life” and geared to an individual’s comprehension levels.



  Davening and the studying of prayer is a major component to Torah L’ Kulanu.

The goal of the davening program is for students to both attend and participate in minyanim on a daily basis. During the morning prayer, שחרית, students recite all core prayers תפילות with the group צבור and follow along with their Rebbe or Morah.

Students attend minyanim in local Yeshivot and Shuls, including Young Israel of Lawrence Cedarhurst and Young Israel of Woodmere where they participate in the minyan. For the Mincha Tefila, there is the opportunity to join minyanim with professionals in the local community as well as attend Daf Yomi shiurim preceding Mincha.

During Judaic Studies classes, students are taught the proper method of receiving an honor כבוד such as reciting a blessing from the Torah עליה to the תורה, rolling the Torah גלילה or opening the ark and taking out the Torah הפתיח. Throughout the year, Torah L’ Kulanu students collaborate with otherschools during reverse inclusion minyanim. Students from Rambam Mesivta and Davis Renov Stahler High School will seamlessly join a minyan with our students followed by breakfast and a Holiday party חגיגה on Rosh Chodesh or preceding a Jewish holiday.

Students prepare teachings from the Torah תורה דברי individually with their Rebbe or Morah which they share with the other students during these
special activities.



The goal of Torah L’Kulanu is for students to become active participants of their own Jewish community.

The curriculum includes subject matter in: Parshat Hashavua פרשת השבוע, Blessings ברכות, Jewish Law הלכה, Holidays חגים, and Character Traits מידות. Students also learn life skills: how to incorporate wearing fringes, ציצית and donning Tefillin, תפילין in their daily life. The importance of sanctifying G-d’s name קדוש ה׳ resonates through the afternoon courses taught by either a Rebbe or Morah.

Classes also incorporate trips to enrich the Judaic learning experience. Travel within the community allows students to combine life skills and travel training with religious study conducted in supermarkets, bakeries, synagogues and local other local merchants.

Inclusion occurs during holiday assemblies with local Yeshivot. We gratefully acknowledge the friendships between Torah L’Kulanu and Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway, Davis Renov Stahler High School, Rambam Mesivta, Shulamith School for Girls, Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, The Brandeis School, Yeshiva University High School for Girls, and Yeshiva of Central Queens.



The goal of the Torah L’Kulanu Afternoon Preschool and Elementary School Program is for preschoolers to learn Judaic life skills by engaging in hands on activities with a seasoned and experienced Special Education Morah.

The curriculum includes subject matter in: Parshat Hashavua פרשת השבוע, Hebrew Alphabet אלף בית, Davening תפילה, Blessings ברכות, Jewish Law הלכה, Holidays חגים, and Character Traits מידות. We utilize an approach that is both multisensory and multidimensional in order to cater to the need of every individual student. During class, we utilize modalities and conduct hands on activities such as creating the Hebrew letters with play dough as a way to identify the Hebrew letters and sounds.

When it comes to Parshat Hashavua, students act out the scenes of the weekly Parsha as well as create Parsha crafts as a way to concretize the story and have the students relate to the Parsha discussions at their Shabbat tables. When studying the Chagim, students engage in functional activities such as creating Sukka decorations, lighting the Menorah, creating items for the Pesach seder and more. Students also sing songs relating to Judaic concepts, give Tzedaka, daven the core Tefilot and recite Brachot on delicious snacks.

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