Kulanu Academy

Kulanu Academy is a school for students with special needs.  Students served are aged 11 through 21.  Our student body is varied in their needs and Kulanu is proud to offer a wide variety of programming to best meet the needs of all of their students.  Kulanu Academy offers various class sizes ranging from a 6:1:1 to a 12:1:1 ratio. Educational curricula cover areas ranging from life skills and communication to common core regents based instruction. Licensed therapists work with students across speech, occupational, and  physical therapies, while counselors  target emotional development as well as social skills.  Board certified behavior analysts work together with teachers and parents to increase socially significant behaviors and break down instruction to facilitate mastery.  Specialties of drama, art and adaptive physical education further support student goals across different modalities and add a level of excitement to our students’ day.  Students graduate from Kulanu and move on towards a variety of settings including university bachelor’s programs, associates programs, vocational opportunities and day habilitation programs.

Kulanu Academy’s Vocational Program, included in the school day, offers students a hands on experience in the community through vocational internships at over 100 businesses with whom we partner.  One-to one job coaches guide and support students in learning the vocational and social skills needed to secure and maintain employment in preparation for their next stage in life, all within the real world setting.  Upon identifying a desired career path, increased time spent within that career cluster affords students the opportunity to learn and generalize professional jargon and skills across multiple similar sites.  As they near graduation, our students have amassed experience within their chosen career, networked with various employers in their field of choice, as well as built a robust resume, increasing their employability.

Contact Kulanu Academy

Dina Rosenberg, MA, BCBA, LBA

Head of Schools

Kulanu Academy

620 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, New York 11516, United States

516-569-3083 Ext. 328



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