Kulanu Ba'aretz

What is Kulanu Ba'aretz?


Kulanu Ba'aretz is a three month vocational- educational study program for young men and women with special needs ages 18-23.  The program is geared towards individuals who want to spend an unforgettable semester living, working, studying, growing and touring in Israel.  Our program is based at Kibbutz Shluchot, in the foothills of the Gilboa Mountains in the Bet Shean Valley.

Kulanu Ba’aretz is a unique opportunity for an individual with special needs to develop new skills, build self-esteem and independence, make new friends, and grow in a physically and emotionally safe environment. Our students are stimulated socially, emotionally and physically, often in ways they would not have at home while experiencing the spirit and culture of Eretz Yisrael.  

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Our programming includes:

Vocational Experiences


Participants join as members of the kibbutz and engage in the following vocational placements: cooking, dining room, laundry, animal care in the children’s zoo, kibbutz store, agricultural work, and maintaining the landscaping throughout the kibbutz.  Daily work schedules are individualized, providing flexibility to accommodate our touring component.   

Course Work


Course work in self-advocacy, self-determination, social skills training, money management, functional reading, personal grooming and hygiene, basic Hebrew and Parsha classes are provided in addition to their existing academic coursework.

Touring the Land


The program boasts a minimum of 20 days of touring throughout Israel including: the Galil, Golan, Negev and Jerusalem, major sites and some off the beaten path. 

Extra-curricular Activities


Students participate in daily classes in the arts, crafts, sports, dance, cooking and night activity programming.  Kulanu Baaretz participants join with kibbutz high school students for night activities and other social events. Our participants also enjoy Shabbat hospitality at the homes of kibbutz members.

Night Activities


 Sports, Crafts, Horseback Riding, Woodwork, & Swimming

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