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Kulanu’s Employment Services provide employment and life-skills training for individuals who have aged out of District or DOE placements. Our clients discover their skills, aptitudes and interests, and develop community-based work experiences. The vocational department has partnered with over 80 local employers who assist students in building workplace readiness skills, develop vocational interests and prepare for future employment. Our transition team works closely with the families and their communities as their workforce chapter begins.

Employment Service Programs

Supported Employment & Employment Training

  Supported Employment and Employment Training provides person-centered, employment-driven plans rooted in a comprehensive evaluation process that 

discerns each individual’s skills, aptitudes and interests.


Pathway to Employment

For individuals yet to identify a career direction, Pathway to Employment offers an intensive discovery process helping individuals learn more about career clusters and experience occupations in various fields.

Community-based Pre-vocational Services

Community-based Pre-vocational Services provide real life settings where individuals can develop “soft skills” and prepare them to achieve vocational-valued outcomes. As a result, individuals better understand expected behaviors in the work environment and strengthen skills that contribute to employability.

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