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Torah L’Kulanu provides a unique Judaic Studies program to middle and high school students as well as adults with developmental disabilities. Our program is designed to provide an individualized learning program, taught in a meaningful way - on an array of Judaic subjects.

Torah L’Kulanu offers small size classes where students work under the guidance of Rebbeim and Morot on goals in Hebrew reading, studying laws from the Mishna משנה, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch ערוך שלחן קצור, Gemara גמרא, Chumash חומש, Navi נביא or specific subjects outlined in their educational plan. Community inclusion activities and life skills are an integral part of Torah L’Kulanu.

The common goal of our program is for students to be an active participant in their own community, whether it is becoming an active member of a synagogue or studying in a yeshiva. To gain an understanding of the practices and tradition of Judaism cannot be underscored enough at Torah L’Kulanu.

Our program offers an enriched curriculum taught by certified special educators, general education teachers and Rebbeim. Our faculty embraces the philosophy of demonstrating the values, morals and ethical behavior mandated by the Torah, both in and out of the classroom.

Torah L’Kulanu offers numerous opportunities for our students to participate with other mainstream schools during holiday programs and reverse inclusion minyanim. Our students are encouraged to achieve their personal best as they prepare to meet the demands of the future.

Mission Statement

Torah L’Kulanu strives to teach individuals with special needs a love for Judaism and commitment to the Jewish community.

Through a cadre of services that is multi-dimensional and multi-sensory, it is expected that the students will attain pride in being Jewish while they discover and explore the Torah, history of the Jewish people and note the relevance to today’s time.

They will gain an understanding of the practices and traditions of Judaism and the morals, values and ethical behavior that are mandated by the Torah.

Through hands-on experiences, students will come to appreciate all of the Jewish Holidays. As is custom, students will learn basic prayers so they can to the extent possible, participate in a daily or Shabbat service.

Rabbi Duvie Zeidel

Meet the Director

Rabbi Duvie Zeidel has been a member of the faculty of Kulanu Academy since 2008. He began his tenure as a special education teacher, providing core academic instruction in math, social studies, and science to students with severe developmental disabilities.

From 2009-2011, Rabbi Zeidel shifted his teaching to Judaic Studies. He taught many of the core Judaic Studies’ subjects including Laws of Shabbos, Kashrus, Business Ethics, Jewish Holidays, Parshas Hashavua, and Chumash to students with multiple disabilities. He utilizes both differentiated instruction and a hands-on approach during his lessons. Some of the activities which he is noted for are his weekly Jeopardy and matching review: making Judaic studies exciting as well as educational. His goal is “to teach to each individual student”.

Since 2012, Rabbi Zeidel has served in a supervisory position, overseeing the Judaic Studies Department at Torah L’Kulanu. He developed a unique small group learning program where students work individually with a Rebbe or Morah. He also developed a tracking system where students are tracked based on their Judaic ability and placed in their afternoon classes.

In addition to supervising and offering guidance and support to his staff, Rabbi Zeidel coordinates special holiday events with other schools which include reverse inclusion minyanim and assemblies. He currently teaches Halacha classes to students with learning disabilities. Rabbi Zeidel earned a Master of Science in General and Special Education from the Touro College Graduate School of Education and Psychology in 2008. He received Semicha, Rabbinical Ordination, from Rabbi Dovid Ostroff of Pirchei Shoshanim in 2012.

Director's Message

 Chanoch L'naar Al Pi Darko
Educate the child according to his ways and then
he will not depart from it. King Solomon, Proverbs.

At Torah L’Kulanu, we strive to attend to each student’s individual needs. It is my belief and that of the faculty of Torah L’Kulanu that when presented with information at the appropriate level, all students have the ability to learn about our religious life, customs and history. Through a framework of a carefully designed curriculum our students explore the Torah at their own level.

To ensure the best educational practices, supervision of faculty makes certain that differentiated instruction is provided in all classrooms. Through individualized Judaic plans, our Rebbeim and Morot have a guide to support each student’s active participation in all subjects.

It is Torah L’Kulanu’s intent and my sincere belief that when student’s graduate or complete their coursework, each and every student will serve and function to the best of their ability as a productive member of the Jewish community.

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